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As an author, Bev has been able to share some of her understanding in several books:

Inspired Devotional (2022): A 40-day devotional focusing on the authenticity, reliability, and authority of the Bible. Written in collaboration with Dr. Scott Carroll, a biblical scholar and historian.

The GodSense Journey: Exploring Sacred Pathways (April 2016): A year-long interactive devotional covering subjects such as intimacy with God, fruit of the Spirit, spiritual gifts, and relationships. Includes teaching, Bible study, prayers, and personal application.

The Bible for Skeptics (Junes 2017 – Second Edition) An invitation to conversation about the authenticity of the Bible and its revelation of God and His plan for those of us who live on this planet.

The GodSense Devotional (2004): A year-long devotional study of God’s Word, requiring interaction, meditation, and prayer.

The Bible Study Teachers’ Guide (2006): A helpful resource for those who lead small-group Bible studies at home, church, or the marketplace.

Read details about all of these books below, including direct links to Amazon if you want to read further.


Inspired Devotional

This is a 40-day devotional book written in collaboration with Dr. Scott Carroll, historian, archaeologist, and teacher. In each short devotional, we review the history of some archaeological treasures related to the Bible and the transmission of its text. Then we provide teaching about how each artifact draws us into biblical truths. Finally, we help you apply these truths in practical ways to your life. 



“If you trust God’s Word, read this book to find out how to let it get to your heart, how to be changed by its message. If you don’t trust God’s Word, read this book to be able to gain confidence in the text and its transmission. Either way, read this book. It will enlighten and inspire!” – Josh McDowell, Christian apologist, author, and speaker

“For those looking for a more in-depth devotional read of the Scriptures and their historical background, this is the book for you.” – Gary Finkbeiner, president, Reach the Nations Ministries and Faculty Member of Covenant Leadership Training Institute.

“This book deserves a place on every library shelf and next to your Bible for your personal devotions.” – Timothy Peng, Senior Pastor, Lansing Chinese Christian Church, Lansing, Michigan


The GodSense Journey: Exploring Sacred Pathways

This is a devotional book for serious Christians. It is for those of us who long for a closer walk with God, who desire to do His will, who want to learn more about His ways in our world. It will teach you, challenge you, and invite you to grow.

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The goal? Spiritual depth, unencumbered relationship with our Father in Heaven, answered  prayers, met needs, and full engagement in serving the One who loves us beyond measure.

It is not a traditional devotional in the sense that it is something you read and think about. Instead, you will be invited to engage with the ideas presented, to go to the Bible for further enlightenment, and to spend time in the presence of God so He can apply the teaching in your life as He desires.

From the Foreword: “Whether you are seeking inspiration, encouragement or are looking for direction and format in your devotional life you will indeed find that The GodSense Journey:Exploring Sacred Pathways, will more than meet your needs, answer some questions, provide renewal and refreshment, and open you up to a more fulfilling relationship with Jesus.” – Chaplain (Colonel) Michael T. Lembke, United States Army (retired)


This is a precious gem. I have been challenged, engaged, and encouraged. For many weeks and days, I was in dialogue with the Holy Spirit as I worked my way through the devotional. In reading I was inspired to put the principles into practice. My relationship with Jesus has been deepened. I especially loved how Bev invited me to participate with the ideas in each section. It was a hands-on project. She got me into the Bible and spending more time in God’s presence. I have been so blessed!” – Marcia H.

“Each day I look forward to starting my day with this devotional. Each day, I am invited to meditate and learn through Scripture with Beverly into sometimes new ideas and sometimes reminding me of old ideas, always focusing on Jesus’ love, mercy, and grace. I have been blessed by beginning my day exploring sacred pathways.” – Carol S.

The Bible for Skeptics

At some level – social, spiritual, or personal – it matters what each of us thinks about the Bible. And because it is a book that has stood through time, in spite of the efforts of many to destroy it, and because it has been believed and followed by many credible people, it seems that it is our responsibility not to ignore it.  Nor should we take someone else’s word for whether or not the book is true or believable or life-changing. These are questions thinking people want to be able to answer for themselves. So the purpose of this book is to give you some idea of what the Bible includes, what over-arching story it tells, and how you might approach it in your search for truth.

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bibleforskepticscoverThis book deals with the Bible’s history, with the unique evidences for its accuracy, with some of its most questioned teachings, and with edgier topics such as miracles and prophecy. If you are interested, come along on this journey. You will find answers to many of your questions and you will find that new questions are raised. I think you will find the process to be interesting and even fun.

“At the end, you may be able to say, ‘I never thought of it that way before.’  For most of us who like to think, coming to that point is, in itself, a triumph!” – from the Introduction

“As you work your way through this book, you will get a sense of Bev’s kind teaching and conversation.  She shares historical background, explains structure and enters into discussion on the hard stuff. Implicit throughout is that it is okay to disagree and be skeptical. . . The viewpoint of this book being a conversation with skeptics might also help someone familiar with the Bible to see it from the outsider’s perspective, and raise interesting new questions that they had never considered before. Maybe we never thought to question the Bible in this way, but our faith will be stronger for it.”  – from the Foreword by John Golden, Ph.D.

The God Sense Devotional: 52 Weeks to a Transformed Life

GodSense is becoming sensitive to the reality of God in our day-to-day lives—so that we  can hear, trust and follow His guidance for a life of peace, abundance, faith, and significance. In friendly, day-planner format, with space to journal and jot, The  GodSense Devotional provides practical steps for those who desire to become sensitive  to God, His voice, His touch and His activity in their lives.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.21.03 PMWHAT READERS SAY

“Before I found GodSense, I knew in my head that God wasn’t some big mystery out there but that he was the still, small voice within me. But I was never very good at sticking to a daily devotional and spending time with God, until this book showed me how, in just a few minutes of reflection and prayer a day, I could quiet all the other noise and find the God Channel in my heart and soul 24/7. I love the way it’s set up — like a day planner — and I love the simple, friendly style it’s written in — very accessible. It’s helped me to more readily sense and hear God in the ordinary, everyday moments — and it’s slowed me down and made me appreciate a simpler way of life.” – Bernice M

“This book reflects God’s goodness and love in a beautiful way. It has changed my relationship with our God and Father. My walk with Him has been invigorated by reading and meditation on the principles and readings.” – Marcia H

“I read it in quietude and when I got to the weeks about letting go, when I was challenged and broken by the words, I was weeping, very lonely, but your words did not leave me there . . the Lord came to sit down beside me.” – Mike L

“I am gaining so much for my daily walk with GodSense. There is so much freedom in trusting God. Rather new for me, though.” – Barbara R

The Bible Study Teacher’s Guide

An essential guide for all who teach the Bible or are considering teaching Bible study  classes. Combines the wisdom of experience with insights gleaned from interviews with  leading master level Bible teachers. A valuable resource for anyone who teaches the  Bible. Filled with advice that will help Bible teachers at all levels of experience. The wisdom of many books packed into a single volume.

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“Author Beverly Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.20.15 PMVan Kampen has assembled an impressive group of master Bible teachers to share their thoughts during the writing of this book though she herself has an impressive resume. But isn’t that part of what teaching is about? A good teacher pulls together material from his or her own experiences and research then mixes in the wisdom of others. And that is exactly what Van Kampen has done in this expertly crafted work. Woven throughout the text are the thoughts of such noted Bible teachers as Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe, Dr. Edwin Lutzer, Dr. Ravi Zacharias and many others. Both new and experienced Bible teachers will gain much from this work including: How to prepare themselves to give the message, how to prepare and present the message, how to connect with students, the keys to leading good discussions and even a guide for one-to-one mentoring. This book is highly recommended for those who are already teachers or discussion leaders and for those who are new to teaching or simply considering whether they have the gifts to teach.”  – Sammy E

“I was pleasantly surprised to find this book, The Bible Study Teachers Guide, by Beverly Van Kampen. I have been teaching adult bible study on Sunday mornings now for several years. But for the most part, my teaching style and methods have been derived from teaching economics to college students or from my experience in public speaking, not formal study or my work in the church. For me at least, this book fills a void. Van Kampen is a Christian writer and a Sunday school teacher, but not a Christian educator. She recognizes this blind spot in her own background and fills it with interviews with other experienced college and church Christian educators. Bravo! Her use of the case study approach is innovative and it gives her book depth.

“Two points stick out in my mind from reading the book. First, I never considered myself called to teach Bible study. Her discussion of the call was refreshing and it spoke to me personally. Her presentation convinced me that teaching is more than a transitional activity. Second, Van Kampen made a serious point about getting to know your student, both in class and out, for the purpose of facilitating transform. Again–bravo! I have always felt that spiritual development was a goal. For me the question remains how to do it best. Van Kampen provides helpful guidance.I recommend this book to anyone who is passionate about teaching Bible study.” – Stephen H

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