Meet Bev

My two daughters, me, and a curious bird.

I am an ordinary person doing life just as you are doing it – one day at a time. But, just for fun, I will give you a few facts about my background.

Born and raised in western Michigan, I attended Taylor University for two years, studying  English, graduating two years after that from Central Michigan University with a degree in  education and journalism. Completed some graduate studies at Western Michigan  University.

Career-wise, I began teaching high school English, then spent two years teaching young  adolescents at a school for missionary kids in Honduras. When I returned to the U.S., I was  wooed into the world of business and spent nearly a quarter of a century as part of a team creating and growing a commercial real estate development company.

It was a great run, but demanding. When I was ready to slow down, I left the business world, thinking of an early retirement. After three years of too much quiet, I began volunteering for Our Daily Bread Ministries in their online theological education program. Then I was recruited to be their Director of Online Education, a position I filled for three years, passing the reins to a much more qualified leader in 2014.

I have two grown daughters, and two stepsons, who, together with their amazing spouses, have provided my husband, Warren, and me with eight grandchildren, each of whom, if our predictions are correct, will make significant contributions to solving the world’s problems. Yes, they are that smart!

Also, by God’s direction and grace, I have published four books and am working on another, have led many Bible studies, have served on a couple of church/ministry boards, and have learned how to have fun.

All along the way, God has been drawing me closer and closer to Him. I have studied the Bible for many years and, as I saw Him revealed in the pages of that Book, I knew I wanted more than head knowledge. I wanted to know Him as a person. Personal knowledge of God  has been a many-year journey – reading writings by others who have learned to walk with Him; listening in prayer for His direction, comfort, conviction, and love; comrading with those who have similar longings; and, over time, finding the spiritual world becoming clearer and clearer.

It is a wonderful journey and one that I would love to share with you.

4 thoughts on “Meet Bev

  1. Just came cross this new blog page. How nice to see your efforts so beautifully displayed and your writing showcased in a meaningful way. I hope this is a wonderful endeavor for you to continue your ministry in writing and devotions. God’s grace and courage fill your heart as you creatively express your journey and extend the invitation to travel together to know God. Peace to you, dear friend.


  2. Hi Bev, I just found your blog and purchased your latest book on Amazon. I enjoyed the current entry that I found on Facebook. I am happy you finding so many ways to share your insightful writings. Congratulations on your accomplishments. There is indeed joy in the journey.


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