The lyrics of a song by Irish folksinger Karen Money touch me every time I hear them. She sings,

“I’d give the years away

For one golden day

For all I long for most

Is mine when He draws close to me.”

What is it that you long for most?

Surely we long for God’s gifts, including love, joy, peace, blessings, and answered prayers, but at some point we find ourselves want more than what He can give us. We recognize that our true longing is for the gift of God Himself:

  • His holiness and might made real and obvious to us
  • Heart-stirring moments of simply sensing His presence
  • Meaningful times of knowing for sure He is leading us
  • Receiving His love in new and life-changing ways

If those kinds of experiences happen to us once, we want them over and over again. Why? Because we find that vibrant, feeling-level relationship with God is what satisfies the deepest longings we have. He truly is the One we long for most.

That’s what this blog is about: Knowing God not only intellectually, but also experientially:

  • Sitting in His presence as Mary of Bethany did
  • Observing His character as revealed in the Bible
  • Sensing the moment-by-moment adventure of His direction
  • Sharing His sense of humor as He reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously

Then, sharing with each other as we walk together on holy ground.


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