Is that you, God?

“. . . your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.'” – Isaiah 30:21b

We’re beginning to understand that God really does communicate, often through thoughts he plants in our heads. Have you ever sensed that maybe God was speaking to you? Then you pause, wondering if it’s really him. Next time that happens, ask these questions:

Is it truth?

If the voice in my head says I’m stupid or unlovable or hopeless, I know it’s not from God. But if the voice says he wants more for me or from me and will help me grow, that’s likely from him. He never nags. He doesn’t whine. He always tells the truth.

Is it consistent with the Bible?

God will never ask us to do something that contradicts his written word. He won’t tell you to have a romantic relationship with someone who’s married or to go into debt for something you can’t afford. But, if what it seems he’s asking you to do is pure, loving, grace-filled, or healing, most likely you’re hearing from him.

Is it something I am willing to do?

Often God tests our obedience with small assignments. It will be something simple like talking to the person behind you in line at the store or helping a neighbor with yard work. If you think God is asking you to do something, just do it. Do it believing it would please him. Once we get into that habit, his voice becomes clearer and sometimes will stretch us a bit more. He doesn’t ask us to walk on water until he knows we’re willing to get into the boat!

“You must learn how God speaks; not doing so will constantly undermine your confidence in your personal relationship to him.” – Dallas Willard



2 thoughts on “Is that you, God?

  1. We were just discussing listening prayer in a men’s group yesterday and this is such an important piece – which didn’t come up! Thanks.

    As always, though… even though the request won’t contradict scripture, it might contradict our understanding of it. I think of Peter and keeping kosher, or Jesus healing on the sabbath.

    I’m also not as interested in the idea of a test, as it being another opportunity that God is giving for us to walk closer. It’s not something we pass, as much as it is something that, if we accept, will bring us closer to Him and bring grace into ours and others’ lives.

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  2. So true! What seems like a test to us is often God giving us a chance to get to know him and his ways. The “test” of Abraham offering Isaac comes to mind. The command was more for Abraham’s understanding of his own priorities and God’s character than it was to prove something to God. Sometimes responding to what we think is God’s voice is our way of beginning to recognize that voice more readily. Glad you are talking about the same topic in your men’s group. Two-way prayer is something I learned later in life – with many thanks to our mutual friend, Marge.


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