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    Miranha or Amajuaca cannibals, said Challenger, jerking his thumb towards the reverberating wood. The following figure illustrates some examples of logical, effective prosody.
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  • But they came, to look at Verity anew, and wonder if and when he'd be their next king, and what kind of a king he would be. Surely whoever was in charge of them could do that, I thought.
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    His forked beard was fully white, his lips thick and gluttonous he had a short bull neck and black, quick-moving rapacious eyes. One of them died, and the other had to go to the Pasteur Institute with a well-developed case of hydrophobia.
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  • Wiggy noticed that they did not flash gold badges or identify themselves as detectives.
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  • She was needed, but not ready, not complete, and the old woman knew one way, and only one, to do the last thing necessary. Racking her brain for a few scraps of Hrinnti, she managed to gasp out, Slow talk slow!
  • While her computer juggled its chips, she rose to get a cup of coffee.
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